Approved by Mother Nature.
Wonder Wheat Cat Litter in our Premium Formula


Available in 4kg and 8kg

Our NEW Premium formula clumps faster, clumps smaller and totally eliminates odour.
Wonder Wheat Premium lasts even longer than our original formula, making it suitable for multi-cat homes.

Wonder Wheat Cat Litter in our Original Formula


Available in 4kg and 12kg

Australia’s favourite cat litter, made from 100% Australian grown, farmed and milled wheat. 
Our fully flushable, biodegradable formula naturally eliminates cat odour.

Orange and White Cat sitting down

Makes your cat invisible to your nose.

The protein enzymes in the wheat neutralise and absorb any cat odour, organically! Wonder Wheat Cat Litter works naturally without the use of chemicals, additives or cover up perfumes.

What makes us different?

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Safe Clumping

Our unique process extracts natural starches from the wheat grain.
Wonder Wheat Cat Litter is so safe, the granules can be eaten without any harm to your pet.

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Fully Flushable

Wonder Wheat Cat Litter is made from 100% Biodegradable Wheat Grain.
Wonder Wheat is more biodegradable than toilet tissue, and will not cause blockages to plumbing.

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Super Economical

Wonder Wheat Cat Litter outlasts and outperforms all other cat litter brands, for the price of a cup of coffee per week.
One 4kg bag will maintain your litter box for up to 30 days.


Our most frequently asked questions, answered!

One 4kg bag will maintain the litter box for one cat for up to 30 days

Compare this with what you are using now!

A single 4kg bag of Wonder Wheat Cat Litter is equivalent to 40kgs of wood pellet litter, or 40 litres of recycled paper litter.

Wonder Wheat Cat Litter is made from 100% biodegradable wheat grain. A pure organic litter containing no additives or clumping agents is guaranteed sewer and septic safe. 

Wonder Wheat is more biodegradable than toilet paper, and will not cause blockages to plumbing. Our formulas disintegrate in the toilet, disappearing to virtually nothing.

Beneficial to septic systems, it actually helps to decrease the amount of waste in your septic tank due to the enzyme processes.

All small animals, including: rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets, rats, mice and even snakes can use Wonder Wheat Cat Litter, as it is the safest litter and bedding product available.

You can also use our product in the bottom of indoor bird cages!

Our formula uses the best quality second grade wheat, meaning it is not for human consumption but used for animal feed. 

We support Australian farmers by providing more opportunities for this wheat to be used in all areas pet supply.


What do people think?

All I can say is WOW! Absolutely no stink at all. None. My anticat friends came over and no trace of stink was detected. I empty box daily. No smell at all and my cat has no issues with using it.

Best product on the market and worth every penny. It performs exactly as stated on the bag. Couldnt be more happy.
Nikki S
After a quick review of cat forums everyone was suggesting Wonder Wheat as the best to eat odours.

For the clumping, being able to flush it down the toilet and it's astounding odour eating properties I will never use anything else.

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